5 Things to Look for in a Node.js Developer

Jun 24, 2015

Node.js development allows building real-time applications with improved scalability and throughput, which makes more product owners, consider hiring Node developers for their new projects. Before you hire a Node.js developer, though, you need to be confident that Node is what your application actually needs.

Node.js is definitely a powerful tool for building networking and server-side applications, but it presents certain challenges and may not be right for your particular case. If you are looking to develop a “create, read, update, delete” application, other technologies like Ruby or Django, with more established documentation and bigger communities, might be preferable.

If you do your research and decide that Node.js development is the best option for your project, hiring Node developers is the next step to take. With Node.js being a relatively new technology, finding Node developers with extensive knowledge and experience can be challenging. To make sure you select the most competent Node programmers, pay special attention to these 5 things. 

  1. Understanding of Node.js Database Options

 There is a variety of database options for Node.js applications, and it is crucial to understand what kind of database your app will need, why, and how it should be implemented. A Node developer you want to hire should know and understand these options well, be able to come up with the best solution for your case and back it up with valid arguments.

  1. Experience Using Node.js Beyond HTTP

Node.js can work for applications beyond the normal HTTP protocol, like a peer to peer protocol or an XMPP server/client. If your Node candidate has experience creating these kinds of applications, it means they have a deep understanding of the technology and the ways of implementing it, which is definitely a big plus.

  1. Open-Source Node.js Portfolio

For a good Node developer, experience contributing to open source Node.js projects is nearly as important as the ability to write quality code. Your candidate of choice will preferably have a portfolio of well-maintained open source projects. It is even better if they have contributed to other projects (for example, have engaged in collaborative coding on GitHub) and contributed to Node core. All in all, a skilled Node developer is normally an active member of the Node.js community.

  1. DevOp and Knowledge of Node Deployment

Most Node deployments differ in requirements, which is why Node deployment can be tricky. You want to prefer a Node developer who is also a DevOp - a programmer, involved in operations. Make sure the candidate is familiar with such issues as load balancing, scaling the application across several database servers, and handling crashes.

  1. Competence in Node Security

Node.js development involves JavaScript, which means there are increased security risks for your application. Node.js applications are vulnerable to service attacks; besides, most Node coding and deployment guides do not cover the subject of security well. So, you will need a Node developer, who is well familiar with server side JavaScript injection, attacks and knows how to mitigate them, as well as can test their code for malicious cases.

Node.js development is still new compared with other technologies available, so hiring Node developers might turn out a time-consuming and difficult task. To make sure the power of Node.js is fully used to serve the needs of your product, be especially selective when hiring Node developers.



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