Best Native Technologies that Help iPhone Developers Create Great Apps

Nov 11, 2013

iOS apps are as far from traditional desktop software as iPhone is from a traditional Windows PC.

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Apple application developers know how these apps differ from desktop software in terms of development. But it doesn’t take an Apple programmer to see the difference in looks and usability. Like iPhone itself, iOS apps are created not just to do some sort of work for the user, but to amaze, impress, and entertain. Fast and fabulous - that is what iOS users expect from the apps they download from iTunes.

Now, what tools do iPhone developers use to create these fast and fabulous apps? The technologies are numerous, and the best thing about iOS is that it provides the developers with truly handy native tools that empower them to create great apps. Here are the best native iOS technologies, most of which are new to iOS 5.

Core Image

Core Image empowers iPhone developers with professional image editing capabilities. Previously available as an image analytics and processing library for Mac OS X, it is now usable on iOS. The operations Core Image allows are numerous, including automatic image improvement and even face detection.

Core Graphics

This tool enables Apple application developers to create custom-designed elements of user interface. With Core Graphics, unique graphic elements can be manually drawn by the GUI designer.

Core Animation

Core Animation has been powering animation effects since the beginning of iOS. In iOS 5, this tool has even more capabilities, like creating particle emitters.

Core Data

Core Data tool provides iPhone developers with easy access to their apps’ persistent data storages.

Core Location

This native tool powers geolocation features, providing access to location services. Now Core Location allows generating notifications for the user due to its new region monitoring capabilities.

Core Audio

This tool is responsible for audio effects. Any Apple programmer knows that an app without sound is only half done. That is especially true for iOS game apps, where users need sound to get the feel and atmosphere of the game.


iCloud is a storage system (cloud-based, as the name suggests) that stores documents, merges data, and synchronizes content for the apps.


This is another tool, newly introduced to iOS 5. Using Accounts/Twitter tool, Apple developers enable their users to sign in to the app using their Twitter accounts. With the new Accounts framework, apps can get access to a centralized accounts database.

Newsstand Kit

Another great new tool that helps iPhone developers to create more functional apps. With the Newsstand Kit, an app can automatically download new content, which becomes available for users even when they are offline.

AV Foundation

AV Foundation allows Apple application developers to build in camera effects and process data real-time, when used in combination with the tools described above. Basically, AV Foundation is at the core of all video and audio operations in the app.

As you can see, Apple makes every effort to make the life of iPhone developers easier and the apps they create even better. This makes a lot of sense: after all, awesome apps is one of the reasons people love iOS.

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