Symfony CAMP UA 2014, Dedicated to Symfony Development, Gets Info Support from Daxx

Oct 22, 2014

Daxx will support one of the key Symfony web development events in Ukraine Symfony CAMP UA. This year’s Symfony CAMP UA will be held on November 1st and will feature Daxx as one of its info partners.

The Symfony development conference will consist of a Symfony CAMP day, organized for Symfony developers to meet Symfony community, and Symfony + Drupal Hackathon day, aimed at teaching Symfony development professionals to better integrate Symfony with Drupal.

Symfony CAMP UA is a great opportunity for Symfony development professionals to exchange knowledge and contribute to the development of Symfony community in Ukraine,” says Tatyana Lysenko, Operations Director. “We are happy to have a chance to support the Symfony community by becoming the event’s info partner.”

The conference will feature speakers from several Ukrainian Symfony development companies. The presentations will cover topics like “Developing Highly Scalable Applications with Symfony and RabbitMQ”, “Ansible Is the Simplest Way to Automate Apps and IT Infrastructure”, “What DDD Is? And How I Realized that MVC is a Myth!”.

Symfony CAMP UA 2014 will be the fifth annually held conference, dedicated to Symfony web development. It is organized for Symfony development companies, project leads, companies looking to hire Symfony developer, as well as beginner and advanced Symfony developers. The goal of Symfony CAMP UA is to provide Ukrainian Symfony development professionals with an opportunity to communicate, exchange experience, learn, and make new connections in the industry.

Organized by Alex Demchenko and Igor Brovchenko, Symfony CAMP UA 2014 will take place in Hotel Rus at 4, Hospitalna Str. in Kiev. Symfony developers and Symfony development companies are welcome at 9:00 on November 1st.

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