Daxx Supported Sociality Rocks! 2013, The Biggest Mobile Application Development Event in Eastern Europe

Nov 05, 2013

The international conference, focused on social games and mobile application development, was held in Kyiv on September 25th-26th.

Daxx, nearshore IT staffing company with activity in Netherlands, USA, Russia, and Ukraine, was glad to support Sociality Rocks! 2013 that took place in Kyiv this September. Daxx acted as an information partner of this important social games event, while Daxx’s mobile developers and game app developers participated in the conference.

Daxx is always eager to support IT events in Ukraine, as we are more than interested in seeing the rise of the IT industry in this country,” says Valeria Kokina, Marketing manager at Daxx. “Sociality Rocks! is a great opportunity for mobile developers to come together and learn from each other, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Sociality Rocks! is the biggest international conference on mobile game development, with over 500 participants in 2013. The event included 2 days of workshops, discussions, and speeches, covering the subjects of social games and mobile application development. Featuring a Socializing Hub, the event gave its participants a chance to met with each other, exchange experience, and present their own projects. With a special workshop “Social games for newcomers”, Sociality Rocks! educated game app developers who are relatively new to the industry.

Daxx is the leading IT outsourcing company in Ukraine, recruiting local mobile developers and game app developers for IT businesses worldwide. Working with Ukrainian IT talent, Daxx enthusiastically supports conferences and events that help local developers get knowledge and inspiration.

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