Skype Alternatives for Team Collaboration Software

Nov 16, 2015

Daxx supports over 100 distributed software development teams that deal with remote communication every single day. Our clients are from various industries, and some have 30 developers’ teams while others hire a single developer with us. No matter the size of the team or service they have, they want to manage their developers effectively and efficiently.

It is clear that the correct communication tools should be used to make your remote development team function properly.

Around 300 million users choose Skype as their key tool for communication. More than 50% of all our clients use Skype to manage their remote developers. 

Skype Alternatives

So what Skype alternatives are there? Let’s have a look at the tools that are used by Daxx’s clients. They also proved to be convenient for remote development teams collaboration:

  • GoToMeeting 
  • Google Hangouts
  • HipChat
  • Slack
  • Telegram


This service is specially designed for virtual team collaboration that involves international clients from multiple nations all over the globe. It features multi-national toll-free numbers that make it easy for anyone to participate no matter where they may be located. However, it does require an individual to keep up with a certain amount of codes and PINs.

However, while this service is not available for free, it has rates are about the same as its major competitor's paid options. GoToMeeting also stresses simplicity over the number options available to the user, and up to 25 individuals are allowed on a single call.


Google Hangouts is now available as an app in the apps store, and it comes already installed in Android devices. One of the great things about this communication tool is that it lets the user send messages to any platform.

This is a vital necessity for many offshore development teams that are working with individuals using different communication platforms.

Hangouts provides many of the basic elements provided by its competitors. Up to ten people can join in on a video call. Many of the other communication tools do not provide this level of service.


Many software development teams are now using Hipchat because it is very simple to use and easy to understand. However, this ease of use exists because it does not have a lot of features like many of the other communication platforms. You should also realize that many offshore development teams may not need all of the extra goodies and might actually prefer something that only provides the simple basics like Hipchat does. However, Hipchat does feature cloud-based file storage, which allows for greater access to files for certain individuals.

So if your dedicated programmers only need communications tools for things like chat, video calls, and file sharing, then HipChat might be one of the more sensible choices for your company.

See what developers have to say about HipChat:


This software provides team collaboration tools that are user-friendly and highly intuitive. Slack also has many integrated functions already built in, such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Phabricator, Asana, PagerDuty, and GitHub. It also allows you to customize your notification settings and turn off busy rooms. In addition, Slack has an excellent search function that is superior to those of its competitors.

There are also several other great things about this software.

Slack also allows for integration with many other types of software, making this program very versatile.

You can also customize your own integrations as well. In addition, the messages sent in Slack are rich with design features such as color texts, lots of emoticons, and thumbnails.


Telegram is an open-source instant messaging system that features multi-platform availability. This software has clients available for many desktops, including Linux, OS X, and Windows, and is also available for mobile systems as well, including iOS, Windows Phone, and Ubuntu touch. This communications tool offers file sharing and cloud messaging.

One of the unique features of Telegram is that is allows you to have secret chats that can only be accessed by two devices. These encrypted messages are also protected by session codes that will protect the information exchanged in previous messages if a one or more of the longer term codes are compromised.

This service provided by Telegram is known as perfect forward secrecy and may be a feature that is desired by certain organizations that require a greater level of confidentiality.

Our clients and we use a wide array of the many communication tools that are available, but the choice of which platforms are used still depend on many factors dealing with the individuals and companies involved. Each team is unique so there can’t be the single solution that works for everyone.

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