5 Rules You Should Follow to Acquire Top IT Talent

May 14, 2014

Steps to hiring top developersToday is the perfect time to be a programmer. Thousands of businesses, from 10-people studios to global corporations with names even a baby recognizes, are looking for the best IT talent.

Salaries and perks some of the IT giants offer are astonishing, especially considering the high unemployment rate in all other industries.

In this competitive market, attracting the high-level candidates your business needs so much becomes a true challenge, just like selecting the right people out of the applicants that are coming your way.

But the truth is you don’t have to be a Google-level company to acquire great talent: whether you hire offshore developers or set up your own software development team onsite, there are golden rules that will help you attract and select top-notch coders.

Rule 1. Offer a Satisfying Job.

For a talented developer, a high salary is not always the key factor for choosing the company they want to work for. People who are passionate about what they do want to contribute to something useful. They want to play an important part in that, too, because it’s another important component of job satisfaction. So, you can win over a great developer by showing them that their work will matter and they won’t be just another coder in a worldwide corporation, working on just another button in their project.

Rule 2. Don’t Hurry to Hire.

Of course, sometimes your team needs to expand fast, and you seek to fill the vacant position as soon as possible, but finding and identifying the best talent takes time. A good policy many companies follow is putting the candidates through a “trial” period to see them in action and identify which one is not only the master of code, but also the right fit for the team.

Rule 3. Hire the Right Fit.

Expanding on the previous idea, sometimes the ability to work in a team is equally important to the programming knowledge, if not more essential. The best products are not built by one developer, no matter how good he or she is. If the candidate is an exceptional coder, but is unable to compromise and cooperate with the others, their skills will hardly do any good for your project.

Rule 4. Don’t Chase “Rockstar” Programmers

As it has already been said, it takes a team to build a great product, so relying on one “rockstar” coder with several average-skilled “assistants” is a mistake. Firstly, you can’t rely too much on only one person, because should they get sick or decide to quit, it will be a disaster for your company. Secondly, when you have several strong pros on the team, they will eventually raise the level of others, which in the long run is much better than having one “star”.

Rule 5. Prefer Talent to Stable Workforce.

Naturally, every business owner wants to continue working with the same people over the years, because that means stability, trust, and predictable quality of the results. But the truth is exceptional developers will not stay with your company forever, because they will inevitably outgrow it and move on. And that is not necessarily a bad thing: a good programmer may do more for your company in two years than an average coder will in a decade. So, don’t sacrifice real talent for stability and longevity; instead, hire the best ones and get the most out of their work while they are on your team.

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