International Programmers’ Day at Daxx

Sep 17, 2015

September 13th is no ordinary day for the IT community. It’s the day when we celebrate programmers around the world. This year Daxx celebrated the work of software engineers by having a lot of fun together.

This year Daxx Dnepr marked Programmers’ Day by taking part in an IT-themed CrossFit competition. The tournament attracted more than 50 developers comprising over 10 teams. Our developers battled till the end, taking part in wide array of activities like sit-ups, push-ups, and running.

At the end of the day our programmers tied for  tenth place with another team. Developers and HR staff were on hand to cheer our competitors on, and we finished the day eating tasty burgers at a new restaurant.

The Dnepr office also had a party with 2 professional bartenders, who awed the Daxx group with IT-themed mixed drinks like 'Stack Overflow', 'Elf Bug', 'Fatal Error', and more. The guys played mafia, watched geeky TV shows, and indulged in some delicious snacks. The gathering was followed by a late night at  a karaoke bar.

Daxx Kharkiv celebrated Programmer’ Day in the workplace; our developers picked their presents in a lottery and had an office party later on. Some of the guys played guitar and sang classic rock songs. Delicious cupcakes were the divine end to Kharkiv's day of festivities.

Our Kiev employees headed to a café where they had dinner, live music and, of course, an entertainer that came up with some great contests to amuse Kiev’s IT people.

Programmers’ Day was simply another great reason for us to hang out; we always have a fabulous time together. We are lucky to work with the greatest IT people ever!

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