Daxx Dnepropetrovsk took part in a Ping Pong Tournament among IT Companies

Feb 03, 2013

Daxx Dnepropetrovsk,  February, 2013 - In the end of January Daxx Dnepropetrovsk took part in the ping pong tournament between IT companies. This year we were the 13th among 26 teams.

This is quite an accomplishment for our team. A year ago our team won in a similar tournament last place. Persistent training is not wasted, and today we are proud of our guys. And this is just the beginning, because training does not stop. 


About Daxx Dnepropetrovsk

Daxx Dnepropetrovsk Office was established in 2012 as a new IT Staffing location for Daxx. Today around 40 employees work in Daxx Dnepropetrovsk. And we are growing rapidly.  Availability of experienced IT Specialists (PHP, .NET, Magento, Ruby, Mobile, Testers etc.)  and lower salaries than in Kiev (capital of Ukraine) in Dnepropetrovsk enable our Clients get experienced developers cost-effectively.

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