Offshore IT Staffing: 5 Tips How to Interview Developers Virtually

Oct 25, 2012

IT development business field is very fast and energetic. It changes rapidly and constantly shows the need of new business approaches and methods. In this business the presence of competent and qualified professionals is the key to success. The best way is to hire competent employees all over the world and this can be a very challenging task for software companies. That is why software companies choose IT staffing services to hire qualified professionals for their business teams.

Effectiveness of the process is very important and it involves qualified staff, effective human resource and reasonable salaries. The method of outsourcing provides higher productivity of any software development business.

What are the benefits of outsourcing through offshore IT staffing?

Outsourcing of your business projects to dedicated teams means that you employ competent developers and make them as a part of your business team at cheaper price. Such staffing companies are able to provide talented developers and specialized experts for software and web development projects. PHP programmers, open source developers, share-point programmers, dot-net programmers, CMS developers and Java developers are in high demand nowadays.

Reputed offshore IT staffing companies offer affordable services, manage legal dealings concerning developers and offer money back guarantee. They deal with copyright, documents and money transfer as well.

Offshore IT staffing services offer effective and qualitative staffing strategies taking in consideration contemporary economic environment. Such services allow IT companies to prosper in this challenging market. Today a lot of offshore IT staffing companies hire developers by making online job interview.

There are a lot of important aspects that are involved into the remote process of hiring software and web developers by offshore IT staffing services:

1. Type of the project. IT staffing should clearly understand the project of the client to offer the best developers for successful project accomplishment.

2. Search for the right professional. Some developers are experienced in hard code and some are competent in open source development. It is important to find the right professionals who are competent in programming language of the particular project.

3. Be confident in advanced proficiency of candidates and hire developers according to their competence, experience and portfolio. The quality of developer can be checked through his or her works.

4. Ask about the most difficult and most successful projects of the candidate. This will help to set up an open conversation where you can determine the real professional experience of the candidate.

5. Put the evaluating of the developer on the first place. Evaluate experience and knowledge of the candidate with the help of the interview.

Important tips to interview developers:

1. While interviewing the candidates for particular project deeply do not provide the same list of interview questions to all candidates. Prepare targeted questions according to the project they are interviewed for.

However the rudimentary knowledge and familiarity of the candidates should be tested through the list of technical questions.

 Some examples are available at:

 2. Be certain that a candidate not only knows the technical definitions, terms and toolsets but understands the peculiarity of the project and its concepts.

3. Ask about the usage and purposes of the technical toolsets that will be essential for the project. Verify if he or she knows about specific controls of the toolsets.

4. Do not ask for the basic knowledge of particular programming language or technical toolset. Check deep familiarity with the help of the technical task. Ask the candidate to build a page of presumable software. Let a developer to choose the controls with the explanations of his or her actions.

5. If it’s possible, ask a candidate to write a piece of code. This task should take a developer less than 20 minutes.

With the help of these techniques offshore IT staffing services can easily hire competent professionals.

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