No Need to Lose Knowledge Because of IT Outsourcing

Sep 18, 2013

A lack of experienced and proper IT specialists is a real threat to Europe. This shortage grows more acute and will obstruct innovation in our knowledge-driven economy in the short run.

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Outsourcing would be the answer. Despite the fact that the term has picked up numerous negative connotations over the last twenty years, which is due in large part because of the (wrong) image that outsourcing also involves risks with respect to loss of core knowledge and vendor opportunism that is compounded by the distance separating the client and vendor.

Maybe that is the truth if you stick to the traditional model of outsourcing. To contract your work or project out completely to a foreign operating company means that you are able to manage the SLA’s and output of your supplier,  but you will lose control of the employees. If they are transferred to another costumer or leave, the knowledge goes as well. In the worst cases, in a takeover by your main rival.

But there are alternative models. One of them is nearshore IT staffing.

  • You will control the number of employees and the costs.
  • You will reduce your overhead operating expenses to the minimum.
  • You will save on office space, computer and other employee-associated costs.
  • Second, you receive a high-quality and dedicated task force at much lower rates than what you would pay local programmers of that caliber. It is abundance, as opposed to scarcity.
  • Because the supplier already has an office and deals with local taxes, a business process…Ergo, in brief, the supplier manages all the offshore aspects you don’t want to spend time on. The supplier has the experience to hire the right professionals for the right position.
  • Finally, the supplier supervises and consults their programmers on-site for any arising issue thus ensure successful completion of the project on time.

Suddenly the complexity of outsourcing activities seems to disappear. Just break outsourcing down into manageable phases and let the supplier take care of all the stuff you don’t want to deal with.

If you do well, there is no need to worry about the lost of knowledge. Moreover, due to these highly-skilled nearshored developers stagnation of our knowledge-driven economy could be avoided.

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