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Oct 05, 2017


We’re excited to announce that Jenny Zlatova, our Business Development Manager, is visiting Israel on October 18–26. If you’ve ever wanted to learn all the ins and outs of growing your tech team with nearshore software developers, this is your chance to do so in person!

Daxx is a Dutch-owned technology partner connecting companies from all over the world with software engineers in Ukraine. After helping you hire the right talent for your business needs, we maintain (and retain!) your remote team in one of our Ukrainian offices.

We’ve already worked with a number of Israeli companies, including Viber and Unomy, and are looking to expand our presence on this market, seeing as Israel’s IT sector is facing a shortage of qualified tech talent.

“Daxx has allowed us to hire top engineers fast and also save on workstation setup, insurance, and other expenses that come with hiring an employee in Israel.”

— Dima Kuchin, CTO at Unomy (full review)

Below are just a few reasons Israeli companies benefit from working with developers in Ukraine:

We’ve decided to talk to Jenny about her upcoming trip to Israel as well as her experience with Israeli clients. Here’s what she shared:
Q: The upcoming trip isn’t going to be your first time in Israel, right? What was your first business trip like?
A: I loved it in Israel, it was absolutely fantastic. I found it a lot easier to connect with people and to do business face to face compared to doing it remotely. I managed to broach many more topics, which resulted in very informative meetings. This is why I think it’s necessary for Daxx to establish physical presence in Israel.
Q: How often are you planning to visit Israel?
A: I’m thinking quarterly, but we’ll see how it goes. The frequency of my visits will depend on how successful the meetings are. My first visit went very well, which is why now I’m coming to Israel again.
Q: Which cities in Israel have you been to?
A: I’ve been to Tel Aviv and the greater Tel Aviv area. I didn’t get the chance to go to Jerusalem during my last visit, so I’m looking forward to doing it this time. I’ve also been to Haifa, but my stay there was very short.
Q: Business aside, what do you like about Israel? Food, culture, architecture?
A: Well, Israeli hummus is incredible. All the hummus I’ve tried outside of Israel isn’t really hummus. Same goes for falafel. Until you’ve been to Israel and tried their hummus, you haven’t lived. And the wine is fantastic, of course.

Q: Let’s move on to the technical side of things. Have you noticed any patterns in terms of what technologies are used by big companies, and which are preferred by startups?
A: I wouldn’t say I have, we get all kinds of requests from Israel — from pretty basic requirements to very specific ones that feature senior engineers with very particular tech stacks and fields of expertise, like fintech, insurance, or gaming. Ukraine is a pretty big country with a very large tech talent pool, so we’re able to accommodate most demands coming from our clients. 
Q: Why do you think Ukraine and Israel have potential for partnership?

A: A customer asked me this very question in a call earlier today. Daxx is a very multinational company. We’re a Dutch-owned business with employees from all over the world. I’ve found that many Israeli companies are just like that, so we get along really well.
And the obvious reasons: no time difference, good English skills, large pool of talent. And you won’t have to worry that the developers you hire in Ukraine will run off to Apple or Google since we don’t have their R&D offices here.
Q: What are the key benefits of working with Daxx? 
A: I get this question a lot: “How are you different from any other company offering a similar service?”
Daxx is a medium-sized company, not too big, not too small. Our smaller competitors don’t provide the value added services we offer: extensive recruitment, Agile consulting, all-round HR support, team retention, legal and travel assistance — you name it.
Of course, larger companies do all of the above. What they lack is a personal touch we have here at Daxx. We strive to connect with every customer on an individual level. I think our Israeli clients find this approach particularly valuable — based on my experience, business in Israel is often taken more personally than it is in Europe or the US.
Another aspect that sets us apart from our larger competitors is that we don’t have minimum contact duration. If you fall out of love with us during your first month, you can walk away the next day. And we don’t have any standards regarding minimum team size, which is a big deal for startups — sometimes they just need to add one or two developers. Most larger companies don’t bother with smaller clients. We, on the other hand, have teams of all sizes, including 1 developer teams.

Q: Last but not least, how’s your Hebrew?
A: It’s going really well! I’ve been learning it for a little over two months, and have already tried to speak Hebrew to customers a few times. It’s not crucial that I know Hebrew to do business with Israeli partners as all of them speak excellent English. But when I’m in Israel, being able to read where a bus is going or what a restaurant is called is certainly nice. In addition to that, learning Hebrew gives me the chance to rediscover my heritage. 
What you can expect from a meeting with me: I’ll explain how our model works, while you’ll tell me about your business and its needs, and we’ll decide whether there are grounds for cooperation. If there’s a match, you’re free to ask me anything about Daxx. If you decide that you’d like to cooperate with us, we’ll schedule another meeting and discuss contracting, timelines, and whatever we haven’t covered yet.

Feel free to drop Jenny an email at or call +972 23 760 374 to set up a meeting.

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