Daxx's 'Orange Carpet' Status Makes it Easy to do Business

Jul 29, 2015

Daxx hires great Ukrainian developers for Dutch companies every week, relocates programmers to the Netherlands every month, and regularly organizes meetings between businesses and the developers who make their technologies successful. The highest service rates from the Dutch embassy simplify and streamline these business processes so that it’s even faster and more effective than usual to work with or relocate developers.

Noud Boungers, a Business Support Manager at Daxx talks about the relocation of skilled specialists from Ukraine to the Netherlands.

1. Noud, what does Daxx actually do?

Noud: Daxx is a Dutch nearshore IT staffing company that has a subsidiary in Ukraine, and whose programmers travel frequently to the Netherlands for business. At the beginning of 2014 Daxx was awarded the highest service rates from the Dutch embassy called the “Orange Carpet Treatment”. 60% of our customers are from the Netherlands, and they already benefit from our close working relationship with the Dutch embassy.

Relocation is our key service for Dutch companies. Here's how we help them add experienced developers to their in-house teams. Our recruiters deliver the right candidates within 2 weeks. We perform a thorough pre-selection process and organize face to face meetings with each candidate. After that we start the relocation process. We have the knowledge, experience, and status to make sure this process runs smoothly and on-schedule.

2. What are the main benefits of the “Orange Carpet Treatment”?

Noud: This program provides a quicker and simplified way to get visas for business trips, or when Ukrainian developers relocate to the Netherlands. The benefits of the “Orange Carpet Treatment” are faster processing of requests (3.5 days instead of 10), and streamlined requirements for receiving business visas. And this is just a small part of our relocation service.

3. What should a Dutch company do to hire skilled migrants (kennismigranten) without Daxx?

Noud: When Dutch companies want to hire skilled migrants on their own payroll, they face a complicated process and have to meet a number of requirements.

  • The organization has to be recognized by the IND as a sponsor. If your company is not yet registered at the IND, you can't initiate the highly skilled migrant relocation procedure. The registration obviously takes some time, and during that period your knowledge migrant isn't allowed to start working for your company.
  • Applying for recognition as a sponsor will cost you EUR 5,065. The IND will not process the application until the fee has been paid. If the application is complete, the IND will generally decide within 4 weeks.
  • The procedure takes a maximum of 90 days. If the application is incomplete or if the IND needs more information to make a decision, the period can be extended by another 90 days.
  • According to the Dutch law, your future employee must satisfy the income requirement for highly skilled migrants. As of 2015, the employee needs to have a minimum income of EUR 4,189 or EUR 3,071 (if the employee is younger than 30 years) to be able to apply for this process. Note that there is a 30% tax allowance for this employee category.
  • Non-EU nationals need to engage an attorney in order to receive permission to stay in the Netherlands for over 3 months. The request for such entry visa must be submitted at the Dutch embassy in your future employee’s home country. Before the employee applies, the employer can ask the IND to give them advice on how the IND will respond to the application for the entry visa.

4. Wow, it sounds pretty complicated.

Noud: Well, it's easy if you know all the procedures. I'd like to share an experience of a company that decided to relocate developers without Daxx. We found the right programmers for them, but then the company decided to handle relocation process without our assistance. As a result, they lost time and money, and couldn’t even relocate the developer in the end.

5. What does relocation look like with Daxx?

Noud: Our clients only need to choose, interview, and approve the developers they want to relocate. The rest is on Daxx. We relocate developers from Eastern Europe every month, and know how to do it quickly and hassle-free. Throughout the relocation process, Daxx takes care of everything including getting a valid work permit, submitting immigration paperwork, moving the knowledge migrant's belongings, and finding accommodation. What's more, Daxx has an IND sponsor reference and keeps your employee on our payroll when he or she starts working for you. The "Orange Carpet" status makes it even easier to do business.

6. Why do Dutch companies use your recruitment and relocation service?

Noud: In the Netherlands, finding great developers is both time-consuming and expensive. With Daxx, you can access highly skilled developers easily, and between 1 and 2 months are enough to relocate developers to your office.

The Dutch labor law makes it difficult to dismiss employees in the Netherlands. There is a minimum notice entitlement varying between 1 to 4 months. With Daxx, you can downscale your team with 1 months’ notice.

We are delighted to have achieved the "Orange Carpet" status thanks to our Dutch partners, and will continue to use it to benefit both our clients and the developers they hire with us.

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