Acquiring Top IT Talent: How to Hire PHP Programmers

Aug 19, 2014

PHP being one of the most popular programming languages these days, how difficult can it be to hire PHP developer?

That is what you may think, and you will soon discover you are mistaken. It is true that PHP developers for hire is an enormous pool, because the demand for this technology is consistently high. But to hire PHP developer who can deliver the level of quality you are looking for, you’ll need to go through dozens of average-skilled candidates first. Here are a few tips to help you find the real deal in the ocean of good and not so good PHP coders and hire PHP programmers, who are the best in their field.

Consider Offshore PHP Developers

Top IT talent is normally rather expensive, but you don’t want to settle for someone of an average skill level. If you’re looking to hire top PHP programmers and yet fit in your budget, you may want to consider offshore PHP developers. Freelancers are not the most reliable option, and working with a contractor’s team doesn’t give you full control over the project. If you hire dedicated PHP developer, who will work with you directly and remotely, both problems will be solved, and you’ll have plenty of high-level candidates to choose from.

Have a Look at Their Previous Work

A decent portfolio is a must for a good PHP developer. What you are looking for in their portfolio depends on your needs: if you need a complex web product with database development work, you will not be satisfied with someone who only has experience creating corporate websites. So pay special attention to how the PHP developer completed tasks you’ll be interested in.

Verify Their Previous Experience

It’s not just the projects your candidate worked on that matter, but the impressions of their previous customers or employees as well. Ask for references from the people the developer worked with and don’t hesitate to call them and hear their opinions. Testimonials are another good option to see if the PHP developer left his previous customers satisfied with the job, but if you can also get references, don’t limit your background check to testimonials only. How satisfied the coder’s previous customers are will tell you a lot not only about their level of technical expertise, but also about their attitude to work and communication skills.

Test Their Technical Skills

An impressive resume does not guarantee the developer has sufficient technical knowledge, so theoretical questions and practical test assignments are a must. If you don’t feel expert enough in PHP programming to check the developer’s knowledge, it is better to get third-party help. In case you already have an in-house team and are only looking to expand it, ask your team lead to help you with the practical part of the interviewing process. If the project is only at the hiring stage, you might want to partner with a staffing firm that specializes in IT talent.

To hire PHP developer who is the best of the best, you need to be very selective, but the result is worth the effort. PHP is a language that is constantly evolving, so only working with those that have truly mastered it and keep up with its pace will let you get the most of PHP development.

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