IT Job Trends: Most Wanted Developers in 2013

Dec 22, 2013

IT outsourcing has become a major share of the IT market for a number of reasons. Some businesses outsource programmers to cut down their investments in a project, others because they need, for example, a web developer for a certain project, but they are not interested in hiring an in-house coder on a permanent basis.

IT Job Market Trends: What Developers are in demand DaxxOne of the key factors that is driving the outsourcing industry is the demand on programmers. The coders that are in highest demand may be difficult to find locally, especially if they work with a relatively new or rare technology. Besides, the salaries of the most wanted developers in Western Europe are pretty high, so not every project can afford them.

IT outsourcing allows businesses to solve both problems. You get a much bigger pool of developers to choose from, because the search is not limited to your area. And with the lower cost of living in most attractive outsourcing locations, like Ukraine or Russia, you will get the same level of expertise at a much lower rate.


So What Programmers Are in Highest Demand in 2013?

HTML5 Developers

According to the job aggregator, HTML5 is the most frequently mentioned keyword in job postings, and Elance ranked HTML5 developers among the most wanted programming professionals. That is easy to explain. HTML is a simple language, but it’s the heart of web development, and with the big recent update HTML5, it has become even more important. HTML5 gives the ability to create cross-browser web applications, so it has boosted the demand for HTML coders.

iOS Programmers

Apple keeps making millions selling smartphones and tablets, so no surprise businesses want to create iOS apps more than ever. iOS developers have been in demand since iPhone came along, but over the last two years they have become even more sought-after.

Android Developers

The open-source Android OS is quickly conquering the mobile market, with Android-based smartphones and tablets becoming worthy competitors to iPhones and iPads. Android apps market has become as promising as iOS one, so Android developers have been highly sought after for the last two years.

JavaScript Coders

Any web developer who knows JavaScript will be happy to know that this skill is on the rise, too. In fact, CyberCoders ranked it as the most sought-after technology in 2013. The reason is simple: as long as JavaScript powers the Web, allowing developers to create interactive web applications that are mobile-compatible, JavaScript programmers are in demand.

Java/J2EE Developers

Java is not a new and sexy technology like iOS or Android, but the demand for Java developers has been consistent for the last several years, and is noticed to increase in 2013. According to a report by Dice, Java/J2EE programmers will be the top hiring priority for tech management in 2013.

PHP/MySQL Programmers

The good old PHP remains very important, powering some of the top resources on the Web, like Wikipedia. As WordPress and Drupal become more and more popular, so do PHP developers, since both of these platforms use PHP. Elance currently ranks PHP and MySQL among the most wanted skills, which means the demand on PHP programmers remains consistently high.

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