C# and ASP.NET Interview Questions: How to Test a Remote .Net Developer

Dec 03, 2014

Offshore .Net development has become a good alternative for Western businesses: at much lower costs, you can hire .Net developer team that will deliver the product at the same quality level. When you are setting up a dedicated offshore .Net development team, there are many aspects to consider. The coders will become a part of your company, so personality and the ability to cooperate are essential, but assessing their technical expertise remains your key goal.

To find truly knowledgeable and experienced programmers, you need to go through several stages, and the technical interview is what makes or breaks it: only the right C# and ASP.NET interview questions will let you determine the people who are skilled both in the language and the framework. Here are some good questions and expected answers that will help you assess the candidate’s knowledge and see how they address problems.

ASP.NET Specific Questions

What is a master page?

A master page is a template that determines page layout and how the content will be placed on a page. Content pages leave layout to the master page and rely only on the content. When a content page is requested by the user, the framework merges the master page layout with the content.

How do you pass values between pages in ASP.NET?

This can be done in many ways. The most traditional, but the least secure is passing values via the QueryString. It is less secure, because it’s possible for the user to hack the page by changing parameter values. Using Session state is more specific to ASP.NET, it makes data available to all the pages within the ASP.NET application.

What are ASP.NET Server controls?

Built-in Server controls are the foundation of the ASP.NET’s Web programming model. While HTML controls are handled in the client, Server controls provide the event model, where all events are handled on the server.

C# Specific Questions

What is a constructor?

A constructor is used for initialization, it’s a class member that is executed when an instance of the class is created.

Why are strings immutable in C#?

String values can’t be changed once they are created. They are thus immutable to prevent garbage collection and inefficient use of memory, which would happen if strings were mutable: a modification to string value results in a new string instance.

What is the difference between a class and a struct?

Performance is better with Structs, because they are passed by value, not by reference, can’t be inherited, and are stored not on the heap, but on the stack.

Testing in-depth ASP.NET and C# knowledge in one interview can be difficult, but it’s crucial to do that, because a poor-performing remote .Net developer will ultimately “cost” you even more than the wrong programmer you hire onshore. Hopefully, these ASP.NET interview questions will help you hire top performers and enjoy the benefits of offshore .Net development for your business.

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