How to Set Up Software Development Team That Will Kickstart Your Business

Aug 05, 2014

Starting a business is scary. Setting up a development team that will be the core of this business is just as scary. They determine the success of your product - and consequently, your business - so a mistake at this initial stage may cost you all the investment and months of hard work.

Here are some useful tips to help you set up software development team for a newly started business, or rather the software development team that will make your business a success.

Think About IT Outsourcing

Startups normally have difficulty attracting great developers and paying the salaries they agree to work for, and that’s where outsourcing comes in helpful. You can use some remote help to assist your core in-house team, or develop your whole product offshore, and hire skilled programmers within your budget frames.

Insiders of a startup company know it is a challenge to find quality developers willing to embrace the associated risk / reward ratio without paying way above market rate. And it is even harder if the right developer needs to be found in the Netherlands as current demand is high. Onno Becker Hof ​, CTO of Euretos

Most companies are unwilling to outsource work to freelancers, even though they are the most affordable option, because developing a new product requires a higher level of commitment and reliability. If this is your case, an offshore dedicated team can be the optimal solution: you still outsource, but work with dedicated developers, who are involved in your project start to finish and better integrated in your business.

Why Our Model Works Better Than IT Outsourcing

Be a Good Project Leader

Leading a project is no piece of cake, especially if you choose to work with a remote team. That’s why you need to be sure you can handle all the associated challenges. A project leader should be a good communicator, able to set clear goals and clear requirements. It’s your responsibility to make every developer understand what their role is and what is expected of them. Plus, a project leader is a conflict solver: let each side communicate their point of view and facilitate finding a compromise. These qualities of the project leader matter for every team, but for a remote team they are crucial.

Hire Top Talent

Because of their limited funds, startups often have to hire B-level programmers, and that can turn out a fatal mistake. The good news is that in an outsourcing scenario, you don’t have to settle for second-rate programmers, because with the lower rates offshore locations offer you can afford top-level talent.

Know and Fulfill Your Needs

It is important to determine what your team will need for successful work and provide it, even if the costs are painful for your budget. Being fully equipped is crucial not only for practical reasons: to attract good developers, you need to demonstrate you are committed to making their work as effective and comfortable as possible.

Starting an IT business is challenging in many ways, but if you set up software development team wisely, you are already making a step in the right direction.

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