How to Manage an iOS Developer Team

Dec 20, 2013

Apple is on top of the world today. iPhone is what everyone has or wants to have. An iOS developer is who every second IT company wants to have on board.

ios developer, ios developers, ios programmer, apple ios developer, apple app developerLet’s say you have recruited a team of great Apple developers, who are tech savvy and experienced. Does that guarantee a successful project? Not quite. You as a team manager are also an important component of the team’s success. Only if you know how to manage your iPhone developer team the right way, they will be able to create something great together.

So what are the keys to managing your iOS developer team successfully?


When you have a lot on your plate, it’s difficult to find time for every question or suggestion. Nevertheless, you should: your communication with the team should cover not only project-related issues, but also other, long-term topics. New ideas, concerns, or questions your developers have should also be adequately addressed. Otherwise, you may eventually see productivity decrease and your staff leave for other companies.

Resolving Conflicts

Disagreements and misunderstandings will always arise at some point. Your responsibility as a team manager is to make sure these conflicts between team members are resolved instead of interfering with their cooperation. You cannot ignore a conflict within the team and pretend it’s none of your business. If a minor disagreement evolves into a threatening conflict, you will have to play the judge and put an end to it.


Employee training is important in two aspects: practical and moral. As a team manager, you are interested in the professional level of your developers. Technology is rapidly developing, so the coders need to keep up with the pace, to be able to use the latest tools and knowledge.

Your Apple developers are just as interested in their own professional growth, so they will probably be learning new stuff with or without you. But when the company sponsors trainings, programmers see that their employer cares about them and is ready to invest in them. This will give you a more loyal, satisfied team.

Managing an iPhone developer team is not a piece of cake: every iOS developer is not only a professional, but also a person, with thoughts and feelings. So take a little time to learn how to address these, and the results will show.

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