4 Surprising Tips for Hiring Best Front-End Programmers

Jun 08, 2015

So your company needs to hire a front-end developer.

This may seem an easy task at first since so many programmers these days specialize in front-end development. However, many businesses discover that finding a really good front-end programmer, especially if they're a remote front-end developer, takes much longer than expected. In many cases, this comes from misunderstanding of the role of a front-end specialist and the qualities they should be able to demonstrate.

To overcome this challenge, try to look at front-end development from a new perspective. Here are several tips based on real-life hiring experience that can help you speed up the hiring process and identify the best front-end programmers out of a sea of candidates.

  1. The Best Front-End Programmers Often Have Print Media Background

Working in the print industry helps a person acquire skills that are highly desirable for a front-end programmer but difficult to develop in traditional software engineering. A print industry specialist is well versed in layout, typography fundamentals, color constraints, and visual hierarchy. Combined with sufficient technical skills and ability to learn programming languages, this experience often produces outstanding front-end programmers — more advanced than those that shifted to front-end from other areas of web development.

  1. The Best Front-End Programmers Can Hardly Be Trained from Back-End

Of course, back-end engineers can easily learn the technologies and principles of front-end, but these two sides of the web are too different for one person to thrive in both. A good back-end specialist is used to creating stable, predictable, measurable solutions, but this approach rarely works for the consumer side of the web. The goals of front-end development are often quite different, so the same qualities that make a developer a back-end genius may be a problem in their work with the client side of a web app.

  1. The Best Front-End Programmers Are Often Self-Taught 

The tendency is that the best people in front-end rarely have a degree in computer science. Most great front-end programmers are self-taught professionals, with degrees in related disciplines, or even totally unrelated ones. This might be due to the fact that this area is evolving so fast that formal education doesn't catch up with it.

  1. The Best Front-End Programmers Don’t Rely on jQuery Too Much

Some of the programmers are too dependent on jQuery and other libraries, which means they can’t solve a problem using JavaScript without involving libraries. Good front-end pros normally put JavaScript on their CVs rather than jQuery, and have a deeper knowledge of JavaScript, which allows them to produce solutions without using readymade solutions.

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