How to Evaluate E-Commerce Developers

Dec 10, 2013

Internet is an alternative marketplace for almost any business. All you need to do is to launch a good e-commerce store and run it, which is so much cheaper than running an actual store. That’s why e-commerce developers - like Magento programmers or Drupal developers - are on the rise today: to own a good e-shop, you need someone to develop it for you.

Magento ontwikkelaars inhuren, offshore, dedicated Magento developersNot every store owner understands how important e-commerce developers are for their e-shop. But when you think of how many buyers could walk away from an online store that does not function properly, you want to pay even more attention to the professional level of the e-commerce developers you are considering.

So, how do you evaluate, say, a Magento developer when they apply for a position with your company? Here are some useful tips.

Check the Magento developer’s portfolio.

E-commerce developers who have successfully completed several projects will be sure to showcase their work. When you visit a store the candidate developed for other customers, you will be able to see if it meets your expectations.

See what previous customers have to say.

Good e-commerce developers make an effort to build their reputation, so they always have customer testimonials or even references. These can help you see how satisfied the coder’s previous clients were with the job, and that gives a good idea of the developer’s professional and personal qualities.

Ask the e-commerce developer for professional advice.

The fact that you are launching an e-store does not mean you are well aware of all the technical details. What you need from a Drupal or Magento developer is a solution, so try asking for it. Describe your needs and see what solutions the coder has to suggest: an experienced developer is a problem-solver, not a plain executor.

E-commerce developers you hire for your project can make a huge difference. So take your time and use these tips to pick the best Magento programmers or Drupal developers out there.

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