Digest of Top Software Developers for Hire (Unity3D, Full Stack, PHP, Ruby, Java), February 2017

Feb 10, 2017

Finding the right developers locally is always a challenge. Daxx helps you set up your software development team in Ukraine. 

Our fresh CV digest features all of our available developers:

  • They’re all actively looking for a job, and can  join your team within 2 weeks
  • They’re available for long-term opportunities only (6+ months)
  • You’ll manage them directly
  • The developers will work from one of our Ukrainian offices

Why Our Model Works Better Than IT Outsourcing

Full Stack Developers for Hire

  • Dmitriy, a Full Stack Developer (9+ years of commercial development experience):  PHP (WordPress, Symfony, Smarty, Doctrine), JavaScript (Node.js, ReactJS, Vanilla JS, Angular 1x), Java, Scala, C, Objective-C (Cocoa), MySQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis.
  • Volodymyr, a Full Stack Developer (9 years of full-stack web application development experience):  PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, ReactJS, SQL, NoSQL, Apache/NGINX, MySQL, Linux, MongoDB, CRM (SugarCRM, Zoho CRM).

Unity3D Developers for Hire

  • Boris, a Unity3D Developer (3 years of commercial development experience):  C#, Unity3D, AI development, game balancing, design patterns, C++, XML, JavaScript.
  • Alexander, a Unity3D Developer (6 years of experience in programming and 4 years of experience in the tech industry): Unity3D, C#, Java, Facebook SDK, Flurry Analytics, App42 Cloud API, AdMob, NGUI.

Hire PHP Developers

  • Sergey, a skilled PHP Developer (5 years of web and game development experience): PHP, CSS, Node.js, Java, Sass, Less, NGINX, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL
  • Anna, a PHP developer (5 years of web development experience):  PHP, Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter frameworks, MySQL and MongoDB as DB's, JavaScript (jQuery, Ajax) on the front-end.

Other Developers

  • Eduard, a Ruby on Rails Developer (6 years of experience): Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Ruby-Grape, JSON, Ajax, HTML/HTML5, CSS, HAML, SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular2, CoffeeScript, jQuery, RaphaelJS, AJAX, XML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • Konstantin, a Java Developer (6 years of commercial development experience): Java Core, Java EE (Spring, Servlet/JSP and others), Java FX, SQL (IBM DB2, Sybase, Oracle).

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Couldn’t find the candidate you need here? No problem!

With over 35,000 Ukrainian software engineers in our database and access to over 90,000 IT professionals in Ukraine, we’ll connect you with the right developers for the job within 4-6 weeks.

Once you approve the members of your remote team, we’ll place them in one of our comfy offices, provide them with fully-equipped workstations, and take care of HRM, staff retention, payroll, and taxes.

Manage your team directly, the rest is on us.


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