Tips for Hiring a Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

Jul 31, 2013

Finding a good professional in any kind of technology is a complex task. Java and .Net developers' pool is extremely large and defining the top talent is difficult. Despite the fact that pool of Ruby on Rails programmers is smaller, it still has many high-quality professionals.

The main principles and rules of successful hiring are:

  • look for Ruby groups in your area. Use Google, search them and visit meetings;
  • become a sponsor or a presenter, in return your company will get mentions at meeting promotions and everyone's attention as well. As a result, it is more likely that your company's name will come to mind, when Ruby programmers will think about changing work places;
  • visiting meetings employers are able to get acquainted with RoR developers and make lists of their emails and phone numbers;
  • research candidates on the Internet (LinkedIn, WWR, etc.). Look for personal blogs, open source contributions or social network membership;
  • ask for references. Checking references can take time, but if you have several potential candidates it can be an essential investment;
  • don't constrain your search to a particular geographic location, because this will limit your pool of potential candidates. Extending search you increase your chances to hire the top talents;
  • divide interview into several stages and test candidates. In this way employers get an opportunity to check candidates' skills, approach and tools used;
  • most of the companies have on-the-job trial, this allows them to check not only technical skills, but also candidate's interaction with team members and company's work methods;
  • Hire Ruby developers, who have knowledge and experience to perform several different tasks for your company. These days Ruby developers can do most of their tasks in Rails, but also they can work with other technologies, such as JavaScript, Objective-C, Clojure and others;
  • make an offer. In general companies try to find balance between talent and reasonable salary rate;
  • be creative and provide special compensation, so everybody wins.

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