How to Hire .Net Developers Offshore?

Aug 23, 2013

Where to Find Good Offshore .NET Developers

Outsourcing development to countries, where ASP.NET programmers and Silverlight developers are more affordable, makes perfect sense. You invest less while getting the same quality of work, and ultimately get much bigger profits. Sounds just right.

On the other hand, you realize that you are going to hire .NET programmers you have never met in real life, and put the success of your project in their hands. How do you protect yourself from the risks and make the most of your remote .Net developers team? And what are the options for finding excellent ASP.NET programmers offshore? Let’s try to figure it out. 

Where to Hire Offshore .NET Programmers?

The whole point of outsourcing is to find a location, where highly skilled developers have relatively low rates due to the low cost of living in their country. Naturally, the world’s most attractive outsourcing locations are Asia and Eastern Europe.

One of the rapidly developing outsourcing countries is Ukraine, said to be the 4th biggest IT state in the world.  The rates here are considerably lower than in the neighbouring Russia, while the number of top-notch coders with good English skills is constantly growing. Another benefit is that the culture and mentality of Eastern Europe developers are not as different from Western as those of Asian people. Plus, the time difference is not that big, so working with Ukrainian coders is much handier for a European business than with IT pros from, say, India or China.

What Are the Options for Finding Good .NET Developers?

You have picked the outsourcing location, so now it’s time to decide how you are going to handle the recruitment and organize the work of your future employees. Perhaps one coder will suffice if your project is a small one, but most often you’ll need a full development team. Here are the options for recruiting one.

Freelance Websites

Websites like Elance, oDesk, and Freelancer offer thousands of freelance developers, whose rates are normally lower than those development studios offer - for obvious reasons. If you need to set up a team, you’ll have to look for each candidate individually and have team members communicate via email, phone, or instant messengers like Skype.

The benefit of hiring freelancers is the low cost, but the big drawback is that all of them are working remotely, each from their own location. Even if you hire coders from one country to avoid time differences and language problems, a team like that is not easy to manage. Besides, lack of live communication between the team members will probably make the process a bit slower.

Development Companies

It’s fairly easy to find dozens of development companies in the country of your choice that will specialize in the technology you need. As their customer, you won’t have to worry about setting up the team and managing it: all IT firms already have a solid team and management staff. On the other hand, you might not be able to communicate with the developers directly: most likely, you will be assigned a project manager who’ll act as an intermediary.

Local Job Ads and Recruitment Agencies

If you prefer to interact with your team without any third party involved, you can set up a remote team and manage it yourself. In that case you give an ad on local job websites or pay recruitment agencies to hire the coders for your project. This option has its advantages: the developers are actually your staff, who work by your company’s rules and following your company’s schedule.

But the problem is local websites and recruitment firms might not even be English-speaking, so you will have a difficult time trying to find staff. Besides, when the hiring is finally over, you’ll have many other things to care about, like finding and maintaining an office, and eventually managing the team remotely.

IT Staffing Companies

IT staffing is very different from the way recruitment agencies work. The power of these firms is that they offer not just recruitment services, but the full package: organizing a workplace and equipment for your team, providing remote team management tools for you, offering subsidiary staff (e.g. accountants) and management staff. Besides, when you hire .Net programmers with an IT staffing company, you know the HRs who will be pre-selecting the candidates specialize in IT personnel. This means they have a vast IT talent pool at hand and are trained to identify the most suitable candidates.

Hope these tips help you decide on where to look for excellent .Net developers and how to manage their work. Have you had any experience hiring ASP.NET programmers or Silverlight developers offshore? How did you handle the recruitment?

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