Planning to Hire Magento Programmer? Here’s How to Select the Best One

Sep 26, 2014

If you Google ways to “hire Magento developer” you’ll get a lot of results. 1.5 million of them, in fact. It shouldn’t surprise you that most of the options for finding Magento developers won’t actually fit your needs. In fact, sometimes it can be downright hard to find a good fit for your ecommerce project in spite of the sheer number of Magento programmers out there.

To help you select top professionals in the Magento development field, here are the key things to pay attention to.

Magento Development Expertise

The developer you are looking for will have profound Magento knowledge and a set of skills, necessary to implement the functionality you have planned. You need to verify their technical competence, and if you don’t have sufficient knowledge yourself, it may be wise to hire a staffing partner to help you with the search and the interviews. Considering the needs and specifics of your project, you will come up with a set of questions to check the Magento developer’s expertise.

Magento Development Experience

Discuss what projects your candidate has worked on, what specific tasks and challenges he has experience dealing with. Plus, make sure the Magento programmer is well familiar with all three versions of Magento: Community, Go, and Enterprise. Each version has a certain set of features, and you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need Enterprise features, but the coder is only skilled in Community.

Magento Development Portfolio

Many Magento programmers are sure to emphasize that they are Magento certified. However, certification doesn’t ensure you will get the result you are looking for. What speaks best for the programmer’s skills is his previous work. That is why pay special attention to their portfolio. Be sure to browse the ecommerce websites your candidate worked on and assess their look, functionality, and usability.

Magento Developer’s References

In addition to analyzing their portfolio, ask for references from the programmer’s previous employees or customers. It’s great if you can check them personally and make sure the developer is not only skilled, but also a performer, a good communicator, and a good fit for your team.

Magento Developer’s Response to Your Project Brief

Pay attention to how well the candidate understands your requirements, how he offers to implement your tasks and solve potential problems. A good Magento developer can - and is expected to - come up with constructive feedback and suggestions on how to improve your product.

Magento developers for hire are numerous, but to get the best end result, you want to hire Magento programmer, who is one of the best on the market and the right fit for your specific needs. Pay attention to these key attributes of a good Magento developer, and you are sure to select the most suitable candidate.



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