Daxx Has Supported a Three-Day Class by Gregory Young in Kiev

Jul 02, 2013

DAXX Ukraine, July, 2013 - On the 24th-26th of May Gregory Young, a well-known expert in Domain Driven Design (DDD), Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Event Sourcing (ES) was giving his famous three-day class in Kiev, Ukraine. Daxx helped to arrange the space for the class.

24 Ukrainian developers - .NET programmers, Java developers, Scala developers  - got the unique opportunity to visit this training for free (usually it costs $3000 to visit the same class). This became possible thanks to a good will of Greg Young to make his class accessible for everyone in Ukraine who is really interested in the topic. However, there was only limited number of tickets which were “sold out” barely 17 hours after adding the event on the Eventbrite.

Daxx as a provider of space also received tickets for its employees, so 8 developers from Daxx Kiev and Daxx Kharkov took part in the class.

Basing on the opinion of the developers who visited the training, it was a really interesting and useful class full of practical tips and ready for use best practices. Three days passed with a speed of light and catalyzed heated discussions, generated lots of new ideas and inspired all the event’s participants to use DDD, CQRS, and ES in software development.

Greg mentioned that he has in plans to give the same classes for Kharkov, and Lvov. However there hasn’t been any official confirmation from his side. The upcoming events can be found on the blog of Gregory Young.

For reference: Daxx helps its clients to hire .Net developers, hire PHP developers, as well as mobile and Java developers remotely.

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