Why Choose a Dedicated Development Team Over Freelancers and When

Aug 11, 2014

To outsource or not to outsource is no longer a question. Businesses, large and small, hire developers offshore and thrive in developing products outside their country. The question is how to outsource.

While some companies are used to hiring freelance programmers on a project basis, more and more IT businesses choose to set up a dedicated development team in the country of choice. The latter involves a lot of hassle with hiring, legal issues, setting up and maintaining an office, so why bother if you can just find an independent contractor and save yourself the trouble? Here’s why.

An Offshore Dedicated Team Has the Manpower and Infrastructure

Most projects cannot be completed by one person only, and you’ll need more manpower than a freelancer alone. When you build a dedicated development team, you can hire as many programmers as you need and have them work together, which will help your project move much faster. Besides, a dedicated development team has the infrastructure you need, which a freelancer is unable to provide.

A Dedicated Developer is Motivated to Deliver Quality

Of course, for a freelancer delivering a good result and getting positive feedback matters, but in the end it’s just another project and just another customer for them. For a dedicated developer, it’s their full-time job, and they know they won’t just say good-bye when the product is launched. They will continue working with you and your product, so they are personally interested in making it good.

A Dedicated Development Team Is More Reliable

With a freelancer, even if they have a great portfolio and years of experience, you can never be sure they won’t decide to quit because they are not satisfied with the changes in deadlines or the way the project is going. When you hire dedicated developer, you hire an employee, so you can be sure they are “not going anywhere”.

You Have More Control over the Project

It is likely that a freelance programmer will not be willing to work under close supervision of yourself or your company’s manager. Freelancers are used to working independently and demonstrating what they’ve completed over a certain period of time, so if you want to monitor every step, this is not the case. A dedicated development team will arrange their work the way it is done in your company and give you full access to progress tracking, bug tracking, or whatever you find necessary.

What Projects Definitely Need an Offshore Dedicated Team?

Freelancers are a great option in some cases. When you need a small task completed, or are planning to develop a simple app or website that won’t require support, you don’t want to set up a team for that. But some projects and businesses will hardly work with a freelancer behind the scene. That’s why a dedicated development team is the best choice for:

  • long-term projects that require a full-size team with various roles;
  • development service providers, who have a stable flow of projects and need reliable manpower to complete them with consistent quality;
  • Software-as-a-Service projects that need constant maintenance and further work on improving the product;
  • complex software products, where support must be provided by the insiders, well-familiar with the system.

To build a dedicated development team, you need to invest some time and effort, but the result is worth it. While freelancers are the easy way that works perfectly in some cases, most projects require the undivided attention of a dedicated developer.

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