Daxx Supports the First Quality Assurance Fest in Ukraine

Oct 27, 2014

Daxx, one of the leading providers of programming and software testing outsourcing services in Ukraine, will support QA Fest 2014. The quality assurance conference, according to its website, is going to be the first QA testing fest in Ukraine.

“We are confident QA Fest will be a great networking opportunity for Ukrainian QA engineers and we are proud to be a part of it,” says Valeria Kokina, Marketing Manager. “The country’s quality assurance talent pool offers endless possibilities for software testing outsourcing, and we at Daxx are looking forward to meeting Ukraine’s best QA engineers at QA Fest.”

QA Fest will focus on selecting interesting, innovative speech topics, attracting top-notch speakers, and creating a great atmosphere. The quality assurance subjects covered will include automated testing, test management, functional testing, and many others. Some of the topics include “Defect Prevention”, “EU vs Ukraine Workplace: the Hidden Difference, or What I Learned While Working in the EU”, “Testing in Google”, “Cool as Cucumber”.

The QA Creatiff session will be dedicated exclusively to communication and self-expression, and to crown it all, the quality assurance conference will end with an after party and a rock concert, with QA engineers playing in the band.

QA Fest will be held on November 1st in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital. The venue is Cosmopolite congress hall in Bolshevik mall (Shulyavska metro station), located at 6, V.Getman street. Attendees and speakers can use a map, published on the event’s website, or contact the organizing team at +38(050)160-20-42.

As a provider of programming and QA testing talent, Daxx couldn’t miss the opportunity to support a unique networking event for QA engineers that QA Fest is. The quality assurance conference is sure to become an informative and fun experience for all QA testing professionals attending it.

Need to hire Quality Assurance specialists or testers? Contact Daxx and we will present first candidates within 2-4 days.

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