Table Tennis for IT People: Daxx Dnepropetrovsk Participated in IT Table Tennis Cup

Feb 24, 2015

Ukrainian software developers have once again demonstrated that their talents are not limited to writing good code. On February 7-8th, table tennis teams from major Ukrainian IT companies came together for an annual competition.

Organized by a Dnepropetrovsk-based Table Tennis Club “Belye Molnii”, IT Table Tennis Cup gathers table tennis amateurs, working in Ukraine’s IT industry. This year it was a total of 40 teams. Daxx Dnepropetrovsk had the pleasure of being one of them, and came 4th in their group and 30th out of the total 40 competing teams.

We were happy to support our table tennis enthusiasts with snacks, water, and active cheers, as well as brand new Daxx T-shirts for the team (white tees were forbidden this year) and Daxx hoodies for the support people. Even though we didn’t get the cup (this time), it was a nice break from the hard intellectual work our developers do each day, so participating was absolutely worth it. The weekend ended with a nice team lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

“We think it’s not only about work: spending quality time together matters just as much,” said Nina Aleksandrova, Daxx Dnepr Branch manager. “Table tennis is a great way for our team to relax and have fun, as well as to raise Daxx awareness among Ukrainian IT professionals. We’ll definitely organize more local tournaments at Daxx and give our best effort to get ready for the next year’s IT Table Tennis Cup.”

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