King’s Day Celebration at Daxx

Apr 28, 2015

Daxx is one of the Netherlands’ leading IT staffing companies with multiple offices throughout Ukraine and Russia. 60 percent of our current customers come from the Netherlands. Not only do we like working with the Dutch, we understand their business needs and love their diverse culture.

So when Dutch King’s Day came, we happily joined in the fun together with all Dutch people in the world. Orange cupcakes topped with windmills and bicycles, orange T-shirts, crowns, and even a photoshoot on a real throne - our Dutch Monday was a blast.

Here at Daxx, we are all about having fun in the workplace. Games, laughter, and fun are known to be effective stress relievers. They also boost creativity, fight fatigue, help build closer bonds between employees and create a happy, relaxed worksite.

Fun at Workplace Increases Our Software Developers' Productivity

Now that the orange madness is over, our software engineers have plenty of energy to get back to work. If you are looking for the best IT professionals who value humor and give a stellar performance, Daxx is the right place for you.

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