Halloween 2015 at Daxx

Nov 09, 2015

This year our Halloween events came in different shapes and sizes.

One of our teams took part in a spooky quest, in which they had to look for a key hidden inside a pumpkin, locate a secret code outside one of the office windows, and even find an eye! It wasn't real, but it sure looked like one.

While running around in search of the next hint, our scary software developers looked especially well-suited for the occasion in Halloween makeup done by a professional artist.

Another team decided that all these scary masks and silly costumes were way too main-stream, so they had an Anti-Halloween party. They decorated the office in pastel colors and dressed up as angels, doctors, and princesses.

You might be surprised, but the night didn't end with a Victorian tea party. A few of our colleagues are rock stars (as well as rock-star developers), so they threw a concert to end the night with a bang.

Despite the differences in how we celebrated, the Daxx team all had a wonderful time.

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