What a Weekend! Daxx Participated in SQLSaturday #406

Sep 23, 2015

Here at Daxx, we know how important conferences and meetups are for personal and career development. So whenever there is an opportunity to go to a cool event where we can learn from the best IT talent, share our own knowledge and, of course, do some networking, we grab it!

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One of such opportunities came along on September 19, when sunny Kharkiv welcomed SQLSaturday #406, a training conference for SQL Server programmers, those eager to learn about SQL Server and all technology enthusiasts.

The speakers covered a wide array of topics, from database testing and common mistakes when working with SQL Server to various tips and tricks and product presentations. 

We took part in SQLSaturday #406 as both speakers and attendees. Our very own SQL guru, Konstantin Proskurdin, an experienced .NET and SQL Server developer working with a Dutch partner of Daxx, talked about database version control. He outlined and demonstrated some of the typical ways of working with the database and maintaining it up to date with the help of history changes.


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We were also very excited to listen to Kevin Boles, an SQL Server expert with over 20 years of database experience, working with SQL Server only since v6.5. He holds numerous certifications and has been a successful independent consultant for more than 15 years, so our excitement was well-founded.

More photos from SQLSaturday 406

Kevin spoke at a pre-con event and held two sessions within the actual conference. In his Unit Testing SQL Server talk he explained why repeatable database testing is crucially important and analyzed a free and a low-cost product that can easily make the development process more effortless and efficient.

The focus of Kevin’s second session, the famed Common TSQL Mistakes talk, was on some obvious and some not-so-obvious errors developers need to avoid to stop getting bad data.

As much as we enjoyed the talks, they were not the only reason we attended SQLSaturday #406. At such conferences, you always get a fantastic opportunity to meet new people who work in the same industry, so we had a great time talking tech, making new friends and contributing to a stronger SQL Server community.

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