Daxx Contributed to Agile Programming Movement by Supporting Agileee 2013

Nov 19, 2013

Agile Eastern Europe, the largest annual conference in Eastern Europe covering Agile programming and Scrum development, was held in Kyiv this October.

scrum team,agile team, agile developer, scrum developer, agile model, agile programming,  agile software development with scrum, agile programming, scrum developmentDaxx, an international IT staffing company with activity in Ukraine, is pleased to announce that it acted as an info partner of Agileee, the largest and best-known event for Agile developers in Eastern Europe. By supporting this conference, Daxx hopes to contribute to the growing popularity of Agile model in Ukrainian IT industry.

“We couldn’t stay aside from this cornerstone event on Agile programming,” says Valeria Kokina. “Many of our customers’ teams are Agile teams and Scrum teams, so we have witnessed the effectiveness of Agile software development with Scrum. Moreover, events like Agileee open endless opportunities for recruitment, and they have helped us find a number of great Agile developers for our customers.”

Agile Eastern Europe is an annual Agile programming event, organized by SCRUMguides, a company led by strong Agile believers and team coaches. The aim of the conference is to integrate local Agile movement with the global one, adding fresh new ideas and sharing knowledge across the nations. Over the 4 years of its existence, Agileee has hosted 104 international speakers and has been visited by 1450 guests from around the world. This year the event offered master classes, talks, workshops, and lectures, involving 27 expert guests from 9 countries.

Daxx is a Dutch-based IT staffing company, providing recruitment, team management, and relocation services for businesses worldwide. Today Daxx helps dozens of Western IT companies work directly with Ukrainian developers, using Agile programming, Scrum development, and other cutting-edge techniques.

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