Daxx Witnessed the Potential of 3D Printing at 3D Printshow New York

Mar 05, 2014

This February Daxx attended 3D Printshow New York 2014, the world’s hottest 3D printing event, according to the official website of the show.

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Dedicated to the promising industry of 3D printing, the event featured shows, business conferences, investor sessions, highlighting the numerous benefits of 3D printers and 3D modeling software for businesses and creative professionals. 3D Printshow New York gathered 58 vendors in New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion and offered its attendees three distinct sections: trade show, fashion show, and art show. The event discussed and showcased the potential of 3d printing technology in terms of arts, business, education, design, and consumer needs, and featured a business day, a consumer day, a dedicated investors session, an Elite Business Conference, and a VIP evening. One of the most impressive events of 3D Printshow was the live catwalk show, where wearable 3D designs by progressive fashion designers were demonstrated on the podium.

“3D Printshow is a fascinating event: this is where technology meets art and creativity,” says Justus Beek, Managing Partner Daxx New York. “3D printing has a big potential for a number of industries, from architecture and healthcare to fashion and entertainment. This sphere is a rapidly developing and highly technological one, and we see a lot of opportunities for IT professionals in the 3D printing industry.”

3d printing, 3d printers, 3d printing companies, 3d software, 3d modeling software, 3d printing technology, 3d printing industry, 3d printing applications

3D printing is a process of creating three dimensional objects from a digital 3D model. The object is created by additive manufacturing, where successive layers of material are laid down. 3D printers use digital technology and take scans of real objects or digitally created models as a basis for the physical objects they build. Recently, 3D printers have become less expensive to produce, which made them more widely available and let the prices on them drop.

At the moment, the 3D printing technology is used in architecture, industrial design, aerospace, medical and dental industries, education civil engineering, jewelry, and many others. The potential of 3D printing is even bigger, with latest news featuring stories about 3D printed food, building affordable homes with a 3D printer, and creating Honda’s concept cars virtually at home.

As an IT staffing business, Daxx is very interested in building relations in the promising 3D printing industry. Nearshore IT specialists can become a valuable and cost-effective asset for 3D printing companies in need of 3D printing technology solutions, and software development businesses that are planning to develop 3D printing applications and 3D modeling software.

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