How Not to Wreck Your Startup with Offshore Software Development Services

Jun 11, 2014


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Startups differ. Some have investors to rely on and can afford more in terms of talent and facilities, others are two-people companies trying to kickstart their product from their basements.

Most often, though, startups do need a full software development team, but their budgets can be very limited. That's where offshore software development services come in handy. An offshore development center effectively solves the financial problem, making technology outsourcing increasingly popular among startup founders.

Offshore development can kickstart your new IT business allowing you to develop an amazing product on a budget. But if things go wrong, your startup may just as well become another failure: poor code, stolen ideas, and all sorts of problems that unlucky IT startups face when they outsource their development needs. So how do you prevent them from happening and outsource development the right way?

Carefully Select Your Offshore Development Team

The outsourcing market is a competitive one, and you're sure to get all sorts of promises and self-praise from the developers when you dive into it. It’s important to keep your eyes peeled and stay away from contractors who overpromise: unrealistic claims usually mean that the developers are so hungry for customers they'll tell you anything just to get the project.

Before you pick the offshore software development company, you also want to prepare a thorough requirements specification. Not only will it help during the development process, but it'll also allow you to evaluate the team. Experienced and professional teams that have plenty of work will not waste their time on a customer who only has a vague idea about their project.

Be Sure You Can Manage the Project Effectively

Even if you pick the best development team out there, poor management will still mean poor outcome. Project management is difficult, and with a team that is located hundreds of kilometers away and speaks a different language it can get even more challenging. A good manager knows how to write clear professional specifications, understands the coding side of work, and has experience with risk management and planning budgets. If you aren't sure you can do this, we'd recommend hiring an experienced technical project manager.

Keep a Close Eye on the Project

Sure, it would be great to just delegate the work to your offshore development center and wait till they get back to you with a perfect end product, but it's just not going to happen. With the destiny of your startup at stake, you have to give the development process your personal attention. Be sure to follow the bug tracker, respond to the developers’ requests and questions as soon as possible, and test every new release yourself. True, all of this requires a lot of time, but it'll be well worth it in the end.

Work with a Trusted Technology Partner

We’ve already helped over 65 clients from all over the world set up their offshore software development teams in Ukraine. We offer a flexible, transparent and risk-free cooperation model that allows you to access Europe’s largest tech talent pool and save on labor costs while also enjoying the stability of having full-time employees.

Here’s how it works. You specify your business needs and the skills you’re looking for, and our recruiters get back to you shortly with candidates that are a perfect match for your requirements. You personally interview them, and then approve the best candidates as members of your offshore development team. We place your engineers in one of our offices located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, or Dnipro — Ukraine’s largest tech cities — and you go on to manage them directly while we take care of HR, team retention, payroll, taxes, and every other aspect related to maintaining a dedicated development center.

How Not to Wreck Your Startup with Offshore Software Development Services, hire software developers in Ukraine

We’re looking forward to helping you kickstart your new business. Let us know what sort of talent you’re looking for using the contact form below.


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